Cover sheet


Create a Cover sheet to send to your publisher

Some publishers require that a cover sheet is included with your files.  You can generate this cover sheet here.


Print Cover Sheet - This will print a checklist of the steps you followed to create your book for you to sign off on.  This may be optional; check with your publisher if you aren't sure.  See below for an example of what the cover sheet looks like.

Next - After you have printed your cover sheet, click next to continue.



The cover sheet provides a simple checklist of the steps to finish your book, and items that should be included in your Publisher's package.  Fill the Cover Sheet out and include it in the yearbook package; it will provide your publisher useful information about your book.  The cover sheet calls for the following things:

  1. Errors and Warnings - If for any reason there is an Error or Warning produced by the Final Checks Wizard that you do not want to correct, make note of it here for your publisher.

  2. Printed Proof - Print a draft copy of your yearbook (see section 9.3, Printing a Proof Copy), check it for errors, and sign your approval at the bottom of each page.

  3. Package Files - Write your yearbook .zip file to a CD so it can be shipped to your publisher.