Error report


The error report

If any errors were detected with the Final Checks Wizard, this error report will provide details regarding each error.  



This screen will not appear if no errors are detected, but if errors are detected, then you can review the errors here.


The list of problems will be grouped into two categories: warnings and errors.  

  • Warnings (Yellow X) - Non-critical problems, such as students with similar or identical names.  

  • Errors (Red X) - Critical problems with your yearbook's source data.  Common errors include unplaced portraits or missing candid images (the file cannot be found in the Yearbooks! Desktop Candids folder).

You can click the Review Problems button underneath the list of issues to print a hard-copy list, which will come in handy as a reference when you head back to the  People list or the Page Ladder to fix the problems.


Once you have addressed or dismissed the errors, click ‘Next’ to continue.