The Final Checkz Wizard



How to Finish your book for Publishing

To finish your book, click the Finalize button on the left-hand side of your screen to open the Finalize tab.  This will lead you step-by-step through the process of finishing your book: running final checks, printing a proof copy, and packaging your yearbook files to send them to your publisher.



Final checks wizard

When running the Final Checks Wizard, it’s highly recommended that you leave all options selected, as it will help ensure your yearbook is error free.  However, if you only want to run one or two checks, click Uncheck All to quickly uncheck them all, allowing you to check just the ones you want.  The button will change to a Check All button to reverse the process.


Click the Run Final Checks button to proceed with the checks.  If any errors are detected, you will see a red X appear next to the check that failed.  In addition to the red X, you will also see a button appear at the bottom of the screen, entitled 'Error Report'.  Click that button to view the errors in detail.


If no issues were found, you'll see a success message, and you can click Continue to move on to the next step, printing a proof copy.  Otherwise, click Error Report to see the list of problems that were found.


The list of problems will be grouped into two categories: warnings and errors.  

  • Warnings (Yellow X) - Non-critical problems, such as students with similar or identical names.  

  • Errors (Red X) - Critical problems with your yearbook's source data.  Common errors include unplaced portraits or missing candid images (the file cannot be found in the Yearbooks! Desktop Candids folder).

You can click the Review Problems button underneath the list of issues to print a hard-copy list, which will come in handy as a reference when you head back to the Students list or the Page Ladder to fix the problems.

To ignore the issues and continue with the Finalize process, click the Next button.