Finishing your book- overview



How to Finish your book for Publishing

To finish your book, click the Finalize button on the left-hand side of your screen to open the Finalize tab.  This will lead you step-by-step through the process of finishing your book: running final checks, printing a proof copy, and packaging your yearbook files to send them to your publisher.



Final checks wizard

The Final Check Wizard scans your book for several common errors, such as duplicate, unplaced, or missing images and students.


If the check uncovers any errors, you'll see a button labelled Error Report - click this to see what errors the check turned up. You'll then be able to click Review Problems to print out a hard copy of these issues.


You can re-run the wizard as many times as you like, and it's a good idea to do so after making any changes to the book now that you're almost ready for publication.


The next screen is for proofing your finalized yearbook before publication by creating a proof-resolution PDF file. Click PDF Files for Proofing.


Remember this is a proof copy, not a high-resolution one, and the quality of the printout will not be exactly like your final printed yearbook.


Proofing your pages is THE MOST IMPORTANT step.  This will be your last chance to correct any spelling errors, or spot any missing pictures or text.  Please do a very thorough job in this step.


If your publisher has enabled electronic submission, you will be able to submit your files to your publisher by clicking the Submit to Publisher button.


The next screen is for printing a cover sheet.  Not all publishers require a cover sheet.  The purpose of this for is to have a manual checklist for certain items.  This form also includes a place for you to mention any final check wizard errors that you want to ignore.


When your book is ready for publication, have the package wizard package all the files needed for printing into a single compressed (.zip) folder.  This zip file will need to be sent to your publisher for printing.