6.4 Highlight your pages with clipart



How to add clipart to your pages

Clip art can be added to pages to add to your book's unique look and feel.  To add clip art to your page, click the Clipart button in the Elements Toolbar.


The Image Browser will fill up with small thumbnails of the available Clipart images. Click the left and right arrow buttons in the upper right to page through all the available backgrounds.


Once you've found a Clipart image you would like to try, you can add it to your page by either dragging and dropping the thumbnail onto the page, or by clicking once on the thumbnail to select it and then clicking the ' +' button below the thumbnails.


You may add as many Clipart images to your page as you wish by simply following this same procedure again, choosing a different thumbnail.


The clip art will be added to your page.  Once there, you can move it around the page and resize it by selecting the image, and then clicking and dragging the black boxes surrounding the image.



Remove a Clip Art Image from Any Page

If you've placed clip art on your page and change your mind about having it there, removing it is very simple.


Click on the image to select it, then press the Delete key on your keyboard.



Finding the Right Clipart Image

If you know what Clipart image you're looking for already, you can use the find feature as a shortcut rather than paging through the list.  Click in the textbox below the background thumbnails and type in a search word, then click the right-pointing arrow button to show only those Clipart images that match your search term.  Click the ALL button to return to the complete list.




How to Add Your Own Clip Art

If you have your own clip art images that you would like to place on your pages, they are handled as candid images.  Please refer to the topic Adding Candids for instructions.


Clip art images can come from anywhere, in a variety of formats, but your clip art must be in one of the acceptable image formats - GIF, JPG or TIF formats.  You may need to convert the file before adding it to your book.


All of the clip art that comes with the program is transparent. If you wish your clip art image to be transparent, make sure it is a transparent GIF format.  All other images will not be transparent, but may be acceptable for use on a white or color-matched background.