Customize page footer



Add a custom footer

A Footer is a piece of repeated text that appears at the bottom (foot) of your pages.   Footers can include page numbers, the name of your book, and the positioning of certain graphics.  


Custom footer creator

When you click the Custom Footer button in the Page Ladder, the Custom Footer Creator dialogue window will appear.


Under Font Settings, you may change the font style, size and color.  Under School Name you can enter the text you wish to appear in the footer.


You may also control the location of the footer.  The Distance From Page Edge and Distance From Page Bottom fields are measured in pixels.  


The School Name and Page Number alignment may also be controlled under the Footer Alignment heading.  You can choose between Inside , Center and Outside.  Inside and Outside will alternate with left and right pages.


Shape Options

By Attaching a shape to your page number, you will ensure that it is always visible, regardless of what else appears on the page.  (Sometimes a black page number is hard to read if the candid or background behind it is also a dark color)