PDF pages and the pages toolbar



PDF your pages

Use the PDF Pages button to save your yearbook to a PDF file, which you can open using Adobe Reader and print out on any desktop printer.  This PDF is for proofing purposes only and will include the red margin outline and watermarks covering the photos; only your publisher will be able to produce the final publication-quality version.  You may print as many copies of this PDF as you like in order to preview what your final pages will look like in printed form and spot any last-minute issues.



Pages toolbar menu

From the top menu bar, choose Pages to access the Pages Toolbar menu.


From this drop down menu you can access many of the frequently used commands such as Add and Delete Pages, Swap Pages, and Assign Pages.  You may also disconnect the double page spread lock with the Break Spread Apart command.


Email Selected Page will allow you to send a single page to another user working on the same yearbook. The program will package the necessary files and attach them to an email from within Yearbooks! Desktop. The recipient must also be running a registered copy of Yearbooks! Desktop, registered to the same school account.


Use Portrait Placeholders will substitute colored placeholder images in place of the actual portrait images when viewing pages. This speeds up the loading and saving of pages dramatically. If you notice that your portrait pages are slow to load, try using this setting.


Use Print Page Thumbnail Report to print a report showing thumbnails of every page together with the corresponding page numbers.  This is basically a printed version of the page ladder, and is designed to assist in page proofing.  16 page thumbnails will appear on each report page.


Preferences are where your publisher's print settings are pre-defined. There is little need to alter these settings, so this area of the program is password protected.


If you are working on multiple computers, you can use the Import Pages feature to import pages that have been sent to you from another machine.