Program Registration


How to register the program



When you launch the program for the first time, you will be asked to register your copy.  While unregistered, the program will operate in 'Demonstration Mode, which will restrict access to some sections of the program (specifically packaging, importing pages, and generating PDFs).


Your publisher will provide you with your registration information, or contact us for further assistance.





1. Registered To:  The registered To field typically contains the name of your school, or the name of your book.  Please enter the information exactly as it was provided by your publisher.  If there has been an error in the spelling or capitalization of your book's name, contact your publisher to get updated registration information.


2. Registration Number:  Enter the registration number provided to you by your publisher.  This number must be entered exactly as it is printed on your registration card.


3. Register:  Once you have entered the school name and the registration number, click on the Register button to register.  You will receive a message indicating whether or not the registration was successful.


4. Job Number:  If your publisher has provided you with a job number (this may be the same as your account number) you may optionally enter it into the Job Number field.  This number is not printed in the yearbook, but is used by your publisher to quickly identify your yearbook package files.


5. Last Day of School:  This optional field is for keeping track of your publishing deadlines.  If you are not sure of this date, you may leave it blank.  This will not be printed in the yearbook.


NOTE:   The program will have demonstration pages by default when it is installed.  Upon registration, you will be asked if you want to keep these demonstration pages, or if you would like them cleared out so that you can start from scratch.  Be sure not to delete these pages if you have modified them, or your work will be lost.


How to re-register


Normally, this should not be necessary, but if for some reason you need to re-register later (for example, if your first registration card had a spelling mistake in the school name), follow these steps.


From the Registration screen, go to the top pull-down menu labelled Tools and choose Clear Registration.  The program will now be unregistered and will allow you to re-enter your registration information.  When registering a second time, if you already have started creating your pages, select the Keep Book option when prompted.