7.4 Adding borders to candid images


How to add a border to your candid images



Framing candids in a Border is a great way to add a fun and retroactive feel to your pages.  White borders are added to the outside edges of your candid images to make them look more like "Instant" photographs.  Thin black or grey borders add a professional feel to your layouts.  







To add a border to any candid image, first select one or more candid by clicking on them while holding the Shift key, or drawing a marquee around them.  You will see the handle bars (black squares) surrounding the selected candid(s).  Next, click on Borderto add the caption.






A border will immediately appear on any candids that you had selected.  









Once a candid has a border, you can adjust the border using the border controls on the tool bar.


Border Width:Here you have the option to select the width of your coloured border.  There are a variety of widths to choose from.


Border Color: You have the option of selecting one of 256 colours for your border.


Opacity: This drop-down lets you add transparency to the border or drop shadow, so that the background will show through it. The default is 100 (fully opaque), with lower numbers becoming more and more transparent.