Cropping candid images


How to crop your candid images



After you have added a candid to your page, you an utilize the Crop feature to crop or flip your image.  This saves time as you don't need to run your candids through any additional software.






Once a candid is selected, you can crop it within the program by clicking the Crop Picture icon.  Clicking this button will open up a photo editing window, giving you the options of cropping, flipping horizontally, and flipping vertically.  There is also an option in this screen to rotate the image by 90 degrees.







Zoom:  Depending on the resolution of your image, you may need to zoom in or out to see the image at a manageable size.  To Zoom in or out, use the pull-down menu located at the bottom left corner. (Default is 100%)


Crop:  Click and drag with your mouse to draw a marquee of the area you want to keep.  Adjust the marquee, then click the Crop button to crop everything around the marquee you drew.


Save:  Apply changes and return to the page editor.


Cancel:  Discard changes and return to the page editor.


Note:  You may only crop images before you apply effects to them such as Edge Effects or Borders.  If you want to crop an image that has an effect applied, you must first remove the effect.  You are still free to apply effects to the newly cropped Candid image once it is saved to the page.