Adding candids to a page


How to Add Candid Photos



Once you've imported your candids using the Image List, you'll need to add them to the appropriate pages in your book using the Page Editor. If you haven't imported the candids yet, you can also import them directly from the page editor.







To add a candid picture to your page, click the Candid icon in the right-hand toolbar to open the candid browser.







The candids that have been imported so far will appear in a browser area at the bottom of the Elements Toolbar. You can click the left and right arrow buttons to browse through multiple pages of candids.


Once you've found the candid you want, simply drag and drop the candid onto your page. You can easily add several candids one after another without needing to re-open the browser.


If the candid you want isn't in the browser yet, click the Import Images (+) or Import Folder button to import it.







After dragging and dropping a candid from the browser area, there will be a new candid object on your page.


Once there, you can move it around the screen, resize it, or apply a variety of effects, such as cropping , rotating, edge effects, captions, and borders.


Note:  See the Collage Builder for a quick way to load multiple images onto your page all at once!



Removing Candid Photos



If you've placed a candid on your page and change your mind about having it there, removing it is very simple.  Click on the image once to select it, then press the Delete key on your keyboard.


You can also select multiple candid images by holding down the Shift key and clicking on multiple candids.  In this case, pressing the Delete key on your keyboard will remove all of the selected candids.


Removing a candid from the page does not delete it from the Image List, so you can still add it again if you change your mind again or decide to use it on a different page. To delete the candid from the list completely, follow the instructions on deleting a candid here.