The image center - Importing Candids


Working with the image list



Yearbooks includes a central Image List to organize all of the candid images you'll be adding to your book.


The term candid image refers to anything other than a head and shoulder portrait image.  These could be group shots, pictures of the school, or anything else.  Candids are a fun way to customize your book, so this entire section is dedicated to using and manipulating candids.






To add some candid photos to your book, first click the Images button in the navigation bar to open the Image List.






The Image Center will list all of your currently imported candids, custom backgrounds, and custom covers.  From here, you can import more images, or delete unused images to keep them from appearing within your images list.





Next, click either Import Images to import a specific image or images, or click Import Folder to import an entire folder of images at once.






If you clicked Import Images, a file picker window will open up allowing you to navigate to images anywhere on your computer, a networked computer, a CD, or a server.  Navigate to the correct folder, then highlight the file or files you want to add and click Open to add them to your image list.





In the browser window, you may change the View in the browse window to Thumbnail View.  This shows you a small preview of the image before you select it, so you may quickly locate the desired image among your photo collection.


To enable Thumbnail View, click the icon near the top right corner of the "Select an Image to Add" window, View Menu, and choose Thumbnails.  Your images will appear in the window as icons.







If you clicked Import Folder , a folder picker window will open up allowing you to choose a whole folder of images anywhere on your computer, a networked computer, a CD, or a server.  Select the correct folder, then click OK to import all the images in that folder to your image list.


Note:  Need some help creating great candids?   Click here!





The image file or files are copied into Books' Candids folder for safekeeping.  If you later make changes to the original files, you will need to delete and re-import them in order for those changes to be reflected in Books!.  Editing photos directly from the Candids folder is not recommended.


Once your desired candids have been imported, you'll need to add them to pages using the page editor - see the next section, Adding Candids.




Deleting candid photos



If you've imported a candid and later change your mind about using it, removing it is very simple.  Click on the image once to select it, then click the Delete icon below the Image List.


You can also select multiple candid images by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and clicking on multiple candids.  In this scenario, clicking the Delete icon will remove all of the selected candids.


Be careful - once an image has been deleted from the Image List, the only way to get it back again is to re-import the file you originally imported it from.