The people edit screen


How to use the School list screen


This screen displays and allows you to change all pertinent information for one specific student.  You can change the group they appear in, their chosen Portrait Image, and the spelling of their name.  To get to the edit student screen, double-click any entry from the School List screen.








Student Name:  These text fields allow you to enter values for First Name, Last Name, and Title (only used when flowing Staff Panels).  Student names can not be left blank.  If you do not wish the student's name to appear, replace their name with a few spaces with your space bar.  Titles can be left blank.


Listed beneath these editable fields are the original values for Teacher, Grade, and Home Room (Based on the original CD import).  These fields are for reference only, and do not impact any sorting changes you wish to make.


Student Portrait:  The image that you see is a thumbnail of the source file.  To choose a different photo, click the Browse button, navigate to the portrait image, and click Open.  The thumbnail will update to reflect the change.  If you change someone's portrait image, a new button called Use Last will appear.  This will revert the chosen portrait image to the original.


Previous:  Saves the current record and cycles to the previous person.


Next:  Saves the current record and cycles to the next person.


Save:  Saves your changes, and returns you to the School List screen.


Delete:  Deletes the current person from your school list.  There is no way to undo this, so you will have to use Add New Person from the School List screen to bring back a person that was accidentally deleted.


Cancel:  Return to the School List screen, discarding any changes.








Groups and Classifications:  You can assign each person to up to three different groups (The groups will be either Grade, Teacher, or Home Room, depending on how you organized your book during your PSPA CD import).  You can also determine how the people will be sorted within those groups by changing their Classifications.


Group:  Assign the groups you want this person to be a part of by choosing them from the First Group, 2nd Group, and 3rd Group pull-down menus.  These menus will be populated with all available groups.  If the person is not assigned to any groups, they will not be flowed onto pages, and will therefore not appear in the yearbook.


Classification:  Classification refers to the order in which portraits will be flowed onto pages.  The available choices are Principal, Assistant Principal, Teacher, Teacher Assistant, Staff, Student, End1, and End2.  These classifications are not printed anywhere in your yearbook, they only serve to determine the flowing order.  When flowing a group, all people listed as a Principal in that group will flow first, alphabetically.  Then, all people listed as Assistant Principal will flow alphabetically.  Teachers will be flown next, all the way through to End2.