4.2 4.2 The School List Screen



4.2 The School list screen



How to use the School list screen


The School List screen lists all members of the school, including basic information about each member and a thumbnail of their portrait image.  This screen allows you to sort your records, select specific groups of people to view, and apply changes to groups of entries (as opposed to changing each record one by one).







Show All Your People


The Show All button is for refreshing the view in the Student List screen.  Selection tools are discussed in section 4.4.  It's recommended that you click this button after importing your school photo CD to ensure you are seeing everyone.






Show Some of Your People


The Show Selected button is for displaying a specific group of people on your screen.  This is useful for times when you want to check how many students are in a specific group, or if you need to make broad changes to a large number of student records (like changing the file extension).  To show selected students, hold the Shift or Ctrl key on your keyboard and select the records you want displayed, and click the Show Selected button.  Once you have a smaller group displayed, you can return to the entire list with the Show All button.








Column Headers:  The student information listed in this screen can be sorted by clicking on the Header buttons listed at the top of the screen.  For example, clicking Last Name sorts all records alphabetically by their last name.  Clicking Last Name again would sort all records in reverse alphabetical order by their last name.


Scroll Bars:  Using the scroll bars, you can scroll up and down through your list of students, as well as left and right to sort through listed information.


Opening An Individual Record:  Double-click any record to open that record in the Edit Student screen.  Another method is to highlight the student record you want to open, and click the Open Selected Student located at the bottom right corner of the screen.


On Screen Edits:  First Names and Last Names can be edited right from this list screen.  This is a shortcut feature; the other fields can only be edited from within the edit student screen.







Add a new Person


To add a single person to your School roster, click the button labelled 'Add New Person'.  Your screen will change to the 'Edit Student' screen where you may enter the name, group and classification for the new person.  You will be returned to the student list screen, where you may add more people to your roster if you wish.


If this group has already been flown to a page, you will need to adjust the panel configuration yourself - Yearbooks will not automatically reposition your placed panels.  When you return to the Page ladder you will see the 'Page Refresh' icon, and when you double-click to open the page, you will be presented with the Panel Position wizard.  Please refer to section 8.2 Adding a Panel for further information.




Alerts, Warnings and Errors


The program will automatically alert you on screen to any detected errors with your Student data.  For example, a colored icon may be displayed under a person's record indicating that a problem exists with the information.  You can search for errors by clicking the Review button.




Click the Review Button to Finish Proofing


The Review button is a powerful error-checking tool that is the heart of the program's revolutionary proofing tool.  By using Review, you can locate and correct missing names, reload missing thumbnail portraits, identify people with invalid or missing photo files, and refresh all of your imported student data.









The Red X icon indicates that the person does not have any information entered in for their First Name or Last Name.  To correct this, double click on the record to enter the Edit Student screen, enter a First Name or Last Name and click Save.








The Green X icon indicates that the person is not associated with any groups, or does not have a classification.  To correct this, double-click on the record, go to the drop-down menus for Group and Classification, choose one of each and click Save.








The Blue X icon appears when a person does not appear to have a valid or known image file.  To correct this error, double click on the record to enter the Edit Student screen.  Click the Browse button located to the right of the File Name field, and navigate to this person's portrait image.  If you are not sure which portrait to select, click the Show Preview box in the Browse window to see a small preview of the selected Portrait.  Choose a portrait image file and click Open, and finally click Save to return to the list screen.



 Organize your Groups with the Count Wizard


The Count Wizard is a great tool to double check that you have the correct number of people in each Group.  The tabs at the top of the screen allow you to change your view from Teacher groups, to Grade groups and Home Room groups.  You likely will not need to use all three, and the most common grouping is by Grade.


On the Teachers tab you can see a list of all the Teacher groups in your yearbook.  You can combine the groups by clicking once on each Teacher you wish to merge, and click on Merge Teacher.  The grades tab shows you a list of all of the Grade groups in your Yearbook, and similar to Teachers you may merge groups.


You can also choose to display any group you wish on the Student List screen, by highlighting one or more of the groups and clicking Show.  A printable report of the information on each screen is available by clicking Report, just choose a connected printer and click OK to print the report.


Be careful with merging groups, there is no Undo option for these operations.