Create a QR Code linking to your videos, and print that right in your Yearbook!


 Shoot a video!


Start by shooting a video! A personal bio, footage of a sporting event, the finale of the school play, the Halloween dance. Capture that magic using a smart phone, or digital camera, and save the file to your computer to be uploaded to the internet.



Upload your video to Youtube!


Create a youtube account, and upload your video to the web using their easy to use interface. Here is a quick video explaining the whole upload process!


Create a QR Code that directs to your video!


After you have uploaded your video to youtube, take note of the video URL. Next, head over to a QR generating website. We recommend a free site such as Quik QR. Paste your video URL into the designated field, and click on the 'Generate Code' button. The site will generate a QR code for you, and offer you three sizes to choose from. Keeping in mind that Yearbooks limits how large objects can appear based on resolution, we recommend choosing the medium or large size. The small size doesn't really work that well.


Once you have your QR Code, click on the link to save your QR code as an image. When we tried this, the image opened up in a different browser window, and we then had to right click on the image, and save it to our desktop from there.


If you have any problems using QUIK QR, here is a link to their help and FAQ site.



Import your QR Code into Yearbooks as a candid image


Now that you have a PNG of your QR code, adding it to your page in Yearbooks Desktop is simple.  First, import the image file that you downloaded from the QUIK QR website as you would any other candid.  When placing the candid on the page, it's best to leave it at it's largest possible size.  Try to avoid downsizing it unless absolutely necessary, because when they get smaller, they get harder for devices to recognize.



Enjoy your link!


Congratulations!  You now have QR codes in your yearbook that link directly to your videos!


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