3.5 Importing Other CD Types


 How to Import a Non-PSPA-Standard CD (Other)


This document will outline the process of importing your school's staff and student data into Yearbooks Desktop.  This page walks you through the process of importing a Non-PSPA CD.  If your Photo CD is a PSPA Standard CD, click here to learn about importing a PSPA CD.




Using the Import Wizard


Start the process by clicking the Import Wizard button located to the right of the student list found in the Students section.





Once you click on the Import Wizard button, you will see the window pictured here.  Start by selecting Other from the Select Photo CD Type drop-down menu.







You will immediately be brought to this window, prompting you to select an index file.  The program will automatically detect whether the index file is comma- or tab-delimited.  Either is acceptable.


Click Select File to locate your index file.


Don't worry if you don't know how your file is delimited - the importer can usually make this determination on its own.








Clicking the Select File button opens the browse window pictured here.  Navigate to your index file and select it as shown.


Once your Index file has been selected, click Open to continue the import.


Now that you have the correct photo CD type selected, and you have navigated to the index file, you're ready to import your data.  Click Next to continue.



Because your index file is not formatted to PSPA standards, you will need to instruct the importer how to handle the information.  There are a variety of fields that you will need to map.  Most of this mapping is as simple as choosing the right value from the pull-down Menus:






First Name:  Select the member's first name


Last Name:  Select the member's last name.


Teacher Name:  Select the member's teacher's name (if applicable)


Grade:  Select the member's grade (if applicable)


Home Room:  Select the member's home room (if applicable)


SubFolder:  Select the subfolder where the image can be found.  Leave this field blank if the images are not stored in subfolders, but rather in the same folder as the index file.





File Name or Image File:  Select the portrait image file name.


Other:  This field is reserved for any information you have that is not listed in the above fields.  This field will not be printed in your Yearbook but may assist in overcoming problems encountered during photo CD importing.


Student Photos:  See Below.


Previous / Next:  Cycle through records (Sometimes not all records contain all relevant data)


Teacher Name / Grade / Home Room:  You can choose to organize your school by Grade, Home Room, or Teacher's Last Name.  Depending on the option you choose, Yearbooks! will group your staff and students together based on one of those sorting types (Groups).  You must choose one of the three to continue with your import.


When it comes time to create your pages, Yearbooks! will arrange the portraits on your pages based on these class links.


Skip Header On Import: If your index file has a header row, this option will exclude it during the import.  The images in section 3.3 of Yearbooks! Help all contain header rows.


Portrait Thumbnail:  Once you have your fields mapped properly, a low-resolution thumbnail of the image will automatically appear in the display window.  If the images do not load, there is likely a problem somewhere in the field mapping.


Save (Optional):  Once you have the fields mapped, you can save this mapping by clicking Save. You will be asked to choose a file name.


Open (Optional):  If you have a mapping setup saved, you can automatically load those settings by clicking Open.  You will be asked to choose which mapping file to use.


Finish:  Once everything is set up properly, click Finish to begin copying the relevant information from the CD and organizing your staff and students into their specified class links.





Yearbooks Desktop will inform you when the process has been completed, and provide you with a tally of the total member count.  Click OK to exit the wizard, and return to the Student List screen.


Note:  If every student record imported properly, you will be presented with a list of the entire school.  If however, there were any problems during the import, then only those problem records will be displayed.