Swap and order pages





Page Swap Wizard


Use the Page Swap Wizard to manipulate the positions of several pages in your book at once.  To begin, click the Swap Pages button.







The Page Swap wizard opens, displaying two main columns:  Workspace and Pages.


Workspace:  This will load empty.  This is basically a 'drop bin' which allows you to pull pages from the book and store them so that you can decide where they should go.  This is achieved with a simple drag and drop.


Pages:  This will load with a thumbnail all of your pages in order from first to last.  Notice that the page numbers are also displayed.


Step 1:  Drag all of the pages that you want to swap out of the 'Pages' column and into the 'Workspace' column.  Notice that when you drag a page out of the 'Pages' column, it leaves a blank placeholder behind.  This is so that you can move a different page from your workspace back into the book.


Step 2:  Drag the pages from the 'Workspace' column back into the blank spaces in the 'Pages' column.


Step 3:  Once you have all of your pages arranged in the proper order, click the OK check mark to return to the page ladder with your new page order.  The pages will automatically renumber themselves.


Cancel:  Clicking the Cancel exit sign returns you to the page ladder without changing the positions of any of the pages.








Sorting your Page Order - The Select-Click-Drag Method


If you are only interested in moving a single page, the easiest way is still to use the select-click-drag method.


To move a page, just click on the page you want to move, and drag it to it's desired location.


The pages will re-organize themselves appropriately, and renumber themselves at the same time.  Keep in mind that this can sometimes cause left pages to become right pages, and vice versa.