Tips for creating great candids


How to Create Great Candid Images


Candids refer to any photo that is not a head and shoulder portrait image.  Candid photos are one of the most important and diverse parts of your book, so it's important to make sure they're no less than 'great'.  It is important to remember that images do not always appear the same printed as they do on the screen.  Computer monitors generally display images at 72 DPI (Dots Per Inch).  An image with a resolution of 72 DPI will look good on your screen but it will not print very well.  Follow the tips in this section to ensure you candids look as great on paper as they do on your screen.




Importing Candids from a Digital Camera



The most common way to create candids is to take pictures with a digital camera.








  • When taking pictures, try to ensure that you have adequate lighting.  Brighter pictures always look better when printed.

  • Always take pictures at the highest resolution possible.  This will create larger file sizes, but these can be scaled down before use if you wish.  Most publishers recommend a MINIMUM resolution of 250-300 DPI.  Anything over 150 DPI should be acceptable.

  • Hold the Camera as steady as possible.  We recommend using a tripod wherever possible.


  • If an image appears dark on your monitor, it will definitely reproduce dark in your book. The same is true for blurriness. If a digital image appears blurry on your monitor, it will definitely reproduce blurry.





Reduce the Image Size with a Photo Editor


  • We recommend that most candids be resized smaller than 1000 X 1000 pixels, before they are imported into Books.  This refers to candids covering a few printed inches of you page.

  • If you want a candid to cover half of a page, or even a whole page, we recommend the image size be in the neighborhood of 2000 X 2000 pixels.

  • When down-sizing (reducing the size of) candids, be sure not to reduce the resolution, just the physical size.  You'll want to keep your resolution as high as possible.



Scanning Candids from Print


Another way to create candids is to scan them from an existing print.







  • If you are scanning pictures from a print, make sure your resolution settings are at least 200 DPI or higher.

  • If you are scanning grayscale or line art images, make sure your resolution settings are at least 300 DPI or higher.

  • Check with your publisher to see if they have any additional tips or requests.