Yearbooks! Desktop User Guide





Using the collage wizard


Collage wizard



Collage pages are very popular in yearbooks, but are often very time consuming to create.  The program includes this great feature to assist you in constructing your collage pages.  The collage feature imports multiple candid images into your page at the same time, and spaces / rotates them automatically based on your specifications.







To start, click the Collage button in the Elements Toolbar.






Welcome to the collage wizard.  Any candid images that have already been imported will be listed in the images section.  The work area is large enough to show you 20 images at a time.  Use the navigation buttons in the top right corner to move through pages.


Below the page navigation buttons you will find candid filter controls.  Use these just like you would on the page editor, so subset your list of displayed candids by a specific album, or by used VS unused.


Click on any of the images to select it for use in your collage.  Use the 'All' check box in the top right to select all candids currently displayed.


If you have not yet imported the images that you want to use, use the Import folder or Import Images buttons to import new candid images.  Any imnages imported in this way will automatically be selected for use in your collage.


Maximum Rotation:  This setting controls what the maximum rotation for each photo will be.  Although you cannot control the angle that each photo will be rotated, you can set a maximum value for this.  If you wish to have all your images rotated in the same direction (clockwise or counterclockwise), deselect the Alternate Left/Right button.


The border controls below the rotation controls allow you to add a border or drop shadow to the images as they are added to the page.


Click Create to create the collage on your page using the images and settings you selected.







Once the images are placed on your page, they all become individual objects.  That way should you decide that some of the images are not positioned as you would like them, you may click on any one of the images and move them freely about the page.  You may also adjust the individual rotation of each image, as well as apply edge effects or any other enhancements you wish.